Photographs by Jenny Harper Photography of Doctor Plot’s Parade and Workshops 2017.
As the main element of Doctor Plots since it was founded in 2015, The Parade and Street Theatre theme was the locally written (although with an anonymous author) Sir Gawain and The Green Knight.

The workshops themes were based around the

  • Leekfrith torcs, four Iron Age gold torcs found by two hobby metal detectorists in December 2016 in a field in Leekfrith
  • Leek’s many ancient Lowes – bronze age burial mounds such as Cock Low / CattesLow or Great Low
  • The Dragons of Leek around the West End of Town – The Green Dragon Pub, Dragons Croft and the decorative dragon patterns in many of Leek’s buildngs decoration in the area
  • Jenny Harper and Heather Smith led a well attended Photowalk
  • Clive Foden gave a talk on the poem Sir Gawain and The Green Knight and for the first time we had a guided walk in the Roaches following the final parts of the poem from Roache End to Lud’s Church with Clive explaining the poems medieval English as the walk progressed with a lunch break and some traditional Medieval snacks
  • We also held a workshops in local schools with Chris Thompson and Laurel Gallagher creating Dragon banners for the parade

All of the workshops and activities are about elements of Leek’s history that maybe well known or lesser known